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Result Driven Local SEO Services

Drive more leads, sales, and revenue for your business with SEO services from Web Daytona.

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Increase your company's leads, sales, and revenue with SEO services from Web Daytona, a full-service SEO firm that has helped small-to-midsize businesses produce more than $5 million in revenue through SEO techniques in the last 24 months.

Our results-driven SEO solutions provide an all-in-one solution that goes above and beyond the fundamentals. In addition to on-page and off-page improvements, you'll get machine learning insights, ROI statistics, competition data, and more. Learn how Web Daytona's SEO services will increase revenue for your company – and why more than 90% of our clients continue to work with us after one year.

Web Daytona is a leading Lake Mary SEO service provider, delivering industry-busting results and world-class service. As a forerunner in the search engine optimization industry, our results speak for themselves, both locally and nationally.

SEO is a highly-targeted method of driving traffic to your site and increasing your engagement. Having taken over the digital marketing industry over the past decade, any campaign without search optimization, today, is simply not working hard enough.

Why is Local SEO Important?

Chances are you’ve visited Google in the past 24 hours — maybe even in the last hour — or maybe you found this page using Google. The point is, Google is not a luxury in this day and age — it’s a way of life, and that way of life is continuing to change. As Google works to improve its product, the type of results it displays evolves. 

When you’re searching for a local service, how often does Google return Google Maps results? The answer: whenever feasible. Google Maps are popping up all over the local search results, and ensuring your business appears high in the Google Local listings is absolutely imperative to your local SEO strategy. As a leading local SEO agency, we specialize in local SEO packages that get results for our clients. Our team of Local SEO Experts are experienced with how Google operates, and they can help your company keep that vital #1 spot in search rankings for popular keywords. We even have enough specialized strategists that, as a Google Places SEO company, we’re sure we can give your company the extra boost it needs in local search results.

Local search engines, such as Google, are always changing, which is quite aggravating. This is one of the reasons why Local SEO is difficult to master. Local SEO evolves in tandem with search engines. Finally, it takes time to get things correctly. As a result, many SEO organizations and specialists devote time and money to learning the finest ways for performing local SEO.

When it comes to performing various sorts of SEO, the regulations and procedures are significantly different. Local SEO, on the other hand, offers the advantage of increasing business exposure and directing visitors to a company's actual address.

Building Citations

When your website is mentioned on citations and online directories, search engines like Google may locate it and promote it to consumers looking for comparable services.

Customers will find it easy to obtain your NAPW if you are more prominent on search engines (Name, Address, Phone, and Web URL). This aids in the improvement of your website's Google rankings.

Listings in directories such as Yelp, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Bing, and others should be expected while building citations.

Google My Business Verification and Optimization

This is one of the first actions that your SEO consultant will propose when performing local SEO for you. Making sure your Google My Business profile is up to date and verified enhances your Google results. You can quickly show your company's name and a description of what it does.

This is the first internet directory you should make sure your company is listed in. Verification of your Google My Business account is required since it ensures that no one other than you can update the information on your Google Profile. It is an important step that all business owners should go through to ensure that all of their credentials are proper.

Simple searches by people seeking for services comparable to yours should provide favorable results once you've conducted a Google My Business Optimization. For example, your company's website should be towards the top of the first page of Google results. Ensure that all of your information is current and correct, as this will assist you in improving your search ranks.

Website Localization

When an SEO specialist localizes our firm, they make certain that important information about your actual location in a region is included to the pages on your website. Some businesses have multiple locations throughout a city or nation.

Individual locations must have their own contact pages if this is the case. Other techniques of website localization include displaying community events you've attended on your website and providing material or news about the region.

Attaining Reviews

Reviews from prior and returning customers are critical for ensuring that your business seems legitimate to search engines. When your customers submit evaluations about your organization, it makes your firm appear trustworthy and beneficial. Customers should write positive feedback on your website or Google My Business page.

Excellent reviews can enhance a company's rating on search engines. But don't stop there; connect with your clientele about their feedback. This demonstrates that you care about your clients and not just your desire to be perceived positively. Customers will check reviews before calling a company.

Backlink Creation

Not all backlinks generated are appropriate for your business. They must be of high quality if they are to assist your business receive the traffic it deserves. Obtaining natural backlinks for your website assures that it seems to be a reliable source of information.

Quality backlinks may be obtained from industry influencers, bloggers, and authority sites. Aside from producing quality backlinks, you should enhance the quantity of your material.


Targeting Keywords

You must conduct keyword research and employ target keywords on your website in order for your business or website to rank. These keywords should appear in your Meta description and title pages. It would be preferable if you additionally established pages on your site that are particular to the places for which you want to rank.

Highlight the services you provide for those various places as well. Keywords aimed at specific locations will help your business rank better in local searches, making it simpler for your intended audience to find and contact you.

Optimization for Mobile

Many people use their mobile phones to do online product and service searches. Customers expect to discover solutions to their problems when they are on the road. As a result, it is critical that mobile optimization be performed on a website.

A mobile responsive site often features fewer pictures and styles that are appropriate for mobile use. A mobile responsive website is speedier, which improves the user experience.

Analysis of User Experience

Users should have a pleasant and forthcoming experience while dealing with your website. Users that have difficulty accessing your site will almost certainly increase your bounce rate. As a result, your search engine rating may suffer. Among the methods for improving your user experience are: – ensuring that your site's performance is optimized – allowing your website to feature graphics or visual representations that will keep your visitors engaged



  • 53.3% of all web traffic comes from organic search
  • 60% of leads come from organic results
  • Improves customer experience
  • Improves brand awareness
  • It's sustainable and trackable
  • Increases click through rate
  • Increases traffic and customer retention
  • Increases leads and revenue

Results Driven SEO Services

Drive more leads, sales, and revenue for your business with SEO services from Web Daytona.


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