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Gary VelaNov 29, 2022 5:32:00 AM6 min read

SEO Learnings From SaaS Marketing Company With 2X Growth

Right before our eyes, the software business is expanding at an exponential rate. It's evolving into the area of the IT services market that is growing the fastest, and many businesses are turning to it for a variety of reasons. These justifications may include adaptability, usefulness, and cost. 

Did you know that SaaS revenue growth typically ranges from 15% to 45% year over year? These figures may be quite alluring to you if you are a business owner in the software sector.

Although it is not a secret that SaaS is difficult to sell. It's a highly competitive market with many unknown variables, which is why SaaS sales people struggle to close agreements. If you own a SaaS product, work in sales, or are simply curious, we offer the perfect options for you.

Fortunately, marketing methods like SEO are one of the biggest game changers when it comes to getting your product in front of the public, making sales, and becoming an authority figure in your sector. In this post, we will discuss easy SEO methods that can help you generate recognition and income for your company.

What Is SaaS?

First and foremost, let us define SaaS. You've probably heard this term floating around the internet. Software as a service refers to a way of providing applications as a service through the Internet (or SaaS). By accessing software via the Internet rather than installing and maintaining it, you may avoid expensive software and device upkeep.

SaaS applications are sometimes referred to as hosted software, web-based software, and on-demand software. Whatever name they go by, SaaS apps run on the servers of a SaaS provider. Security, availability, and performance of access to the application are all managed by the supplier.

Embrace A SaaS Content Strategy

SEO is a component of digital marketing that necessitates a content marketing plan, and when it comes to a SaaS firm looking to boost revenue through SEO, content reigns supreme. You see, content isn't just images, blogs, or case studies scattered over the internet for you to consume; it's there to establish authority in the industrial niche in which your company specializes. 

That is why it is critical to devote time to developing original, new information for the public to examine, as this boosts the confidence of any possible customers who may wish to invest in your software solution.

For example, Boostlingo is a SaaS company that specializes in interpreting services such as video remote interpreting, event interpretation, and more. They were formerly a startup that naturally developed to be a top competitor in the interpreting market by publishing material in its specialty to assist in improving product awareness. 

They've grown their revenue simply by publishing material that addresses the queries and curiosity of potential customers who are interested in investing in their platform, through their specialized blog page, social media, webinars and even third-party co-signs by other industry experts.

When developing an SEO strategy for SaaS companies, it is critical to invest time in your content. The world is continually changing, and new knowledge is being delivered to people on a daily basis; here is your opportunity to be a part of that cycle.

Craft a Compelling Backlink Strategy

If you're an SEO expert, you'll know that backlinks are critical to helping your website crawl straight up the ranks. You may be wondering what backlinks are. Backlinks are comparable to citations in many ways. Assume a buddy informs you that their favorite NBA player has been traded to another team. 

You may trust them if you want, but you'll want to know where they got their information. So you go into ESPN and look up the news that he just told you. In the realm of SEO, this is precisely how backlinks operate. It's a citation that backs up your company's claim.

Backlinks are important to Google since they show that the website being ranked is authoritative and supported by a prominent figure in your field. The more backlinks you have, the more likely it is that your website will appear on the first page of search results. This does not have to be referrals from other websites; it may just be the number of visitors to your website. If a large number of potential clients visit your website and navigate to your page, Google understands that this is what people want.

Google supports websites that best help users achieve what they desire. The more people that signal into your website, the more probable Google will consider you worthy of being on their top page.

Backlinks may be obtained in a variety of ways, the most common and simple of which is to write guest articles for blogs in your field. Backlinks can also be obtained via directories and forums such as Reddit or Quora.

If you're interested in developing a link-building plan for your business, contact us immediately and let us assist!

Enhance Your Websites User Experience

Back in the day, all you had to do to rank high in search results was invest in some keyword research, get some backlinks, and you were on the top page. Google has gone a long way since then, and beating out current competitors on SERPs is now more difficult than ever. It's one thing to rank #1 on Google, but it's another to retain visitors on your website and generate good engagement. This is where User Experience comes into play the most.

User experience may be defined as how a person interacts with your website while browsing its pages. 

Professionals in user experience will ask themselves questions such as, "Is the webpage understandable?" Is it simple to use? Is your website loading slowly or failing to provide visitors with the information they seek? Many businesses, even the largest, are confronted with a constant problem-solving dilemma.

Visit your website at least once a week to discover any persisting problems. Even if you're on the first page, if the data isn't appearing correct, it's critical to address the issues at hand. Any extended bad user experience will almost certainly have a negative impact on your rankings.

Leverage SaaS Review Websites

SaaS is a software product that is offered to the general public. As a result, employing SaaS reviews is the most effective strategy to assist your websites. Positive reviews are essential for every business, especially in the SaaS industry, in order to acquire the trust of potential clients. Reaching more of your potential consumers is a wonderful reason why you need reviews for your SaaS product, but there are many more benefits that SaaS reviews may provide.

Benefits include:

  • Exposure
  • Social Proof of Credibility
  • Effective Lead Generation
  • Real Customer Input
  • Helps in Search Visibility


Remember how Google wants their search engine results page to present useful websites for the public to look into? Although we cannot control what the public thinks, if your organization is doing its job and giving excellent service to its clients, your current clientele will most certainly post the finest ratings. The more good reviews you can get, the more Google will read them, and that will only help your website's ranks.


Gary Vela

Digital marketer, Entrepreneur, and CEO at Web Daytona, LLC.