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Admin Jan 7, 2020 8:38:14 AM 1 min read

How Ako Stark Built A Million Dollar SEO Empire

Ako Stark is a multi-talented entrepreneur, author, internet personality and digital marketing guru, with years of experience developing digital marketing strategies for businesses. There’s a good chance you’ve already heard his name. If you haven’t, you know someone who has.

The quintessential hungry entrepreneur, Stark came from humble beginnings. From a young age, he believed that going to college wasn’t a necessary component of being successful in life. Instead, he relied on his energetic demeanor and ability to see into the business world around him to help him get ahead, a tactic that has catapulted him to the forefront of the SEO industry.

For Ako Stark, being resourceful has always come naturally, from starting a small business with his brother selling fresh-caught fish to helping hotels rank on the first page of Google for keywords like “cheap hotels near me” or “cheap hotels in Daytona Beach”. As a result of his other business ventures, Stark found his true calling in 2015: helping businesses reach their potential through strategic online marketing campaigns and building online networks to benefit clients in the long-term.

Before jumping in, there are many qualities that helped Ako become the success he is today. In today’s article, we’ll be focusing on some of the core issues: