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Gary Vela Feb 22, 2022 10:55:14 AM < 1 min read

Google My Business Reinstatement Request Questions

Google My Business Suspended My Account. "We may suspend Business Profiles and user accounts that go against our guidelines. To fix a suspended profile, you must first submit a reinstatement form." And That is exactly what I did. Here are some of the questions I was asked during the submission request for reinstatement. 

  • Did you already submit a reinstatement request for this Business Profile?
  • Are you the official representative of the company, organization, or account?
  • Does your Business Profile comply with the Google Business Profile quality guidelines?
  • Is your business permanently located at the address, or does it permanently service the area shown on your profile?
  • Have you entered an accurate street address or service area for your businesses? We don't accept addresses at P.O. boxes or mail receiving agencies.
  • Does your business operate in a service area? In other words, does your business model require you or an authorized representative of the business to travel to the customer's location?
  • Do you conduct face-to-face business at your location?
  • Do you have multiple profiles for the same location?

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Gary Vela

Digital marketer, Entrepreneur, and CEO at Web Daytona, LLC.