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3 Reasons Viewers Aren’t Buying Your Product, Even Though it is Great
Gary VelaMay 9, 2022 10:19:48 PM2 min read

3 Reasons Viewers Aren’t Buying Your Product, Even Though it’s Great!

You’ve got a great product. You know it’s excellent, and those who’ve tried it know it’s great. But still, those sales aren’t coming in. Why? Here are three reasons why this might be the case, and they’re easy problems to fix!

They Don’t Know What Your Product Is

It sounds obvious, but can your potential buyer quickly and easily grasp your product? Simple, clear photography can help with this, but nothing beats precise copy explaining exactly what the product is, who it is for and what it does. 

This should be the first thing the viewer reads when they come across the product. As the creator or promoter, you’ve spent so long with the concept that it’s easy to overlook this stage because you’re so used to it.

Try looking at your marketing text with fresh eyes, as if you’d never heard of the product before. Does it make sense to you? If not, consider revising your description or hiring a copywriter. It can be helpful to ask an acquaintance who doesn’t know about the product to read your copy and summarize it to you. This is a great way to grasp what your readers are taking away from your content.

They Don’t Understand The Benefits of The Product

Linked to the first point, any potential buyer needs to see why this product is relevant to them and what benefits it will bring them. They need a clear, concise description, the list of benefits should be easy to read and one of the first things customers come across. Unless a reader can see why this product is better than others they have come across, they’re not interested in purchasing.

Short, sharp sentences are key here. Lengthy explanations may confuse or put off readers - they’re not ready to invest in a long description at this stage, so keep your text snappy. What makes this product different from others on the market? In what ways will this product make your customers’ lives better? Answer these questions as briefly as possible, and you’re on to something! Bullet points can be a great way of displaying this information.

The Pricing Isn’t Clear

Many customers put off a product or service because they’re not sure how much it costs, and they’re not willing to dig around to find out. Any promotions that don’t mention the price straight away can raise red flags for many potential buyers. Many will assume that a product is out of their budget or is not good enough value. After you’ve shown the benefits, making the pricing crystal clear from the beginning will give buyers more confidence to make a purchase.

Showing why your product is such good value is a beneficial way to persuade potential buyers to commit, too. Break pricing down to how much it costs peruse. This is a handy tool for products with good longevity, as it can show customers that an initial outlay may save them money in the long run.


Whatever your product, making sure the description, benefits, and pricing are clear from the start should help to get those sales coming in. Product descriptions can make or break your sales. So when it comes to creating an impact with only a few sentences, turn to our content creation experts here at Web Daytona for all of your content needs; contact us today to learn more! 


Gary Vela

Digital marketer, Entrepreneur, and CEO at Web Daytona, LLC.