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Admin Aug 10, 2020 6:44:57 AM 5 min read

Are Lead Magnets Dead? A Peek Inside Our Strategy for Generating New Leads

Let’s be real — lead magnets can Not go anywhere. And they shouldn’t: They are an immensely valuable tool for advertisers and consumers when done correctly.

The world we are living in today is at a cut-throat competition. Businesses compete with each other to earn maximum sales and profits. Due to the widespread globalization, there is massive awareness in people regarding how to turn their ideas into businesses to make money. Each year several enterprises are launched, and existing companies introduce newer products, which means there are too many options available to a common man. Today, a customer has so many options to choose from, and the ease of accessibility has made it all the more difficult for businesses to attract and retain customers.

Consequently, previously a hit, marketing tactics have also started evolving to cater to these changing dynamics. And one such marketing tactic is generating lead magnets. Now, we do agree that lead magnets have died down a little in efficacy over time. It is also because the customers today are well-aware. So, just throwing a lead magnet on your web page or creating a simple pop-up will not be much good.

Persuading your potential customer these days to give away their email address is a tough task. You will have to be convincing enough to make your customer pause, go through your offer, accept it, and agree to give you their information. It might sound a little too overwhelming, but let us tell you, it is not that hard. You only need a brilliant lead generation strategy, and that brings us to the topic for our readers today! In the article ahead, we have summarized a few approaches that you can use to build useful and beautiful lead magnets in minutes for your business.

Center Your Magnet Around Customer Preferences:

Since there is so much information on the internet today, one aspect you can reap benefits from is giving quality content targeted specifically to your potential customers’ liking. You will have to make a thorough analysis of your customer base and what they love! Providing compelling and attractive content to your consumers is bound to get you many leads. Your motive is to convince your web page viewers to give you their email address. Now, there are many ways you can do this. Think about providing a discount coupon to one of the favorite designer brands in return for a newsletter subscription.

Focus More On Video Content:

One of the most effective ways to connect with your consumers is through video content. There is no rocket science behind it; however, since video content is always more attention-grasping and better at building an association with the consumers. Given the option of reading a three-minute text compared to a three-minute video, consumers will always choose the latter!

That is the reason why video content is best at engaging and generating leads. Now, how do you use a video as a lead magnet? It is quite simple. You could add a shorter video of a more extended webinar on your web page and use it as a lead. People can sign-up with their email for the more extended version. One other way is to provide how-to videos. How-to videos are quite useful since people are always searching for solutions.

One thing to keep in mind is to make sure the video is short since lengthier videos lose the charm and make viewers bored, resulting in loss of leads.

Keep The Process Simple!

One thing that will make your lead runaway is complexity. You need to be aware of the importance of keeping it simple when interacting with your consumers. Until and unless your freebie is one-of-a-kind, people will not invest a lot of time subscribing. It brings us to the point we are trying to make, ask for minimum information, probably just a simple name and the email address in return for the free offer. You need to avoid making the process too complicated.

Promote Your Content On Different Platforms:

We cannot ever over-emphasize this. Your content is the fundamental aspect of the lead generation process. As critical as having quality content is, promoting it on different platforms goes hand-in-hand. The first step to lead generation is enticing people through your content. And they will only reach your content once you promote it effectively.

First, you need to analyze the platforms most used by your targeted consumers, such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. Once you ascertain this, it will be easier to pursue your consumers through your marketing campaigns.

Deliver Instant Value:

The human culture today is more about instant gratification. That is because the massive advancement and change have provided people with immense ease. The process of creating a desire or want to the fulfillment of it takes mere minutes, if not seconds. Think about food-ordering apps these days. Imagine you wish to eat Chinese cuisine. You open a food delivery app, order from any restaurant you want to, and delivered at your doorstep in the next few minutes!

All this has led to the cultivation of instant satisfaction. People do not want to wait. If you offer them something, they expect to get it promptly. Therefore, make sure you focus on providing something immediate in value rather than a freebie that they would have to wait for. So, for example, you are a clothing brand. A freebie offering a discount at checkout in return for an email subscription is something definite and instant!

The Last Word:

Lead generation is an online marketing tactic that, if used strategically, can enhance traffic to your webpage and, consequently, your business sales. The internet today has information in bulk, which emphasizes the criticality of having exceptional marketing techniques. You may believe that lead magnets are a thing of the past, but that is undoubtedly not the case. It is essential that you strategically devise your lead magnet and focus on the strategies to ensure your lead magnets are a success.