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AdminFeb 28, 2019 9:24:08 AM4 min read

7 SEO Methods To Optimize Your Keyword Rankings In 2020

Updated: Thursday, June 18, 2020

In the era of www, an effective SEO technique plays a significant role in website promotion. But, before starting optimization webmaster must consider the right selection of right keywords. Because to understand users query, Google or other search engines search according to the keywords inbuilt in content. Therefore, you must know the real power of keywords in your content for optimization.

Let’s discuss some best SEO methods to optimize your keyword ranking in 2019.

  • Focus on RankBrain-Friendly Content

Every search engine uses its own algorithm to find and deliver the results as per users query. Same the case with Google that uses RankBrain algorithm. This algorithm purely acts like a human, whenever you search for any query. Moreover, it breakdown your keywords into many parts to fetch the most relevant information. The biggest advantage of this algorithm is that it does not only focus on the current query but help you to deliver relevant results.

Therefore, in order to improve your search ranking, you must write content according to RankBrain. In addition, you should not only focus on keywords but can target long tail keywords in your content. This will help you to the rank website on top 1-3 results and will reduce your bounce rate by 46%.

  • Target Your Customer Needs

This is one of the biggest challenge faced by almost all SEO specialists that how to target their audience. As this involves answer to many questions like what they most talked about, the platform they use most, and how you can reach them? The answer to these question can be a little bit complex, but if you will be able to find the appropriate answer you can draw good SEO strategies.

So, writing a good blog in the niche of their interest will be a good option. In your blog, you should add relevant keywords and phrases to rank on top results.   

  • Research Your Keywords Well

The optimum keywords choice plays a crucial role in high conversion and ranking process. So, before start writing blogs or web content, it is better to make an appropriate keywords study. In this regards, first, you should know how the customer will try to approach you. Secondly,  you can search the relevant keywords on SEO tools like Moz Keyword Explorer, KWfinder or Google Keyword Planner. These tools also help you to find the relevant combination of keywords.

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While choosing the keywords, many people do common mistake for choosing only generic terms like toys, food or cars, which will not help to produce fruitful results. Therefore, it’s better to choose long-tailed keywords like “where to buy BMW car” “best restaurant for Chinese food” etc. The best tip is that you must use these keywords in your content, but avoid keywords stuffing.

  • Write Long Blog Posts

It is true that long blog post always produces quality results in terms of ranking, organic traffic, user engagements, backlinking and social sharing. The reason behind is clear that, in-depth blog covers, almost all relevant topics and are based on exclusively research work. Moreover, as per the study, the blog written for more than 2000 words rank early on the first page and stay for a longer time.

But remember, SEO techniques with long content cannot do wonder alone. For better results, you have to make a good combination of quality and quantity.

  • Get Quality Backlinks

Today, getting quality backlinks from the high domain authority is the most trending way to boost your website credibility. These links help you to get the benefit from your competitors. For the search engines, the quality of backlinks helps you to rank high on SERP’s. Most importantly, it will surely affect your website score. So, to get a good score and high ranking, guest blogging and social media influencers can help you a lot. But at the same time, there are high chances of spammy links, so you must be aware of them in order to get relevant research.  

  • Keep Updating Old Content

To make the best use of your old content, it’s better to find the reusable content from your past blogs. If you able to find any topic which is still trending then with the little bit amendments you can take advantage of it. Like if you have a blog on beauty tips then you can add the latest information and images to make your blog fresh. You can also update the heading with the latest style, add internal and external links, drive traffic from social media, infographics or the latest industry survey etc. This technique will help to come up with the fresh content in the least time and results in driving 15-30% more traffic.

  • Optimize Keywords By Voice Search

These days, on almost all search engines, it is expected that more than 50% of the researches will be conducted by voice search in the upcoming years. Yes, it is true, as the majority of people rather than typing prefer to use voice assistance for their queries. In the developed countries, where the people are native English speaker the percentage is probably high. So, in order to take advantage of this tool, you must add relevant keywords, in the form of a long tail sentence or phrase to your voice assistant tool. This will help you to fetch more traffic and rank your keywords on top results.

Bottom Line

The aim of every webmaster is to improve their search ranking and generating more traffic from all platforms. But, in order to fulfil their aim, only a few experts use the right SEO techniques. The reason for lagging behind is simple that they do not keep them up to date with the latest SEO trends and keep using outdated techniques. So, keep yourself-updated with the constantly changing techniques of the SEO world.