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AdminJun 29, 2017 2:46:49 PM1 min read

What Is Google Posts?

Google Posts is a feature that allows business owners create content directly on their Google business listing page. Even though it’s  limited to 100-300 words, it is enough to get your message out about company news, special promotions, list services, promote or highlight client testimonials, etc. One of the best benefits of Google Posts is, it will appear highly ranked in Google search results.

Google Posts were first launched in January 2016 for US presidential candidates to use, with the posts appearing in a card-like format that Search Engine Land has dubbed “Candidate Cards.”

In March 2016, Google Posts were extended for use by businesses, again with a card-like format showing at the top of search results. These “Business Cards,” as Search Engine Land calls them, were only offered to a tiny number of local businesses.

In March 2017, Google opened the program to movies, museums, sports teams and leagues in the US and Brazil. Musicians in Brazil were also invited to participate.

There’s no way to access actual Google Posts from the Google Posts home page. These only appear within search results, when triggered by searching by name for people and businesses approved to use the system. There’s also no way to see all the posts that a particular person or business has posted. Posts might also disappear over time, as has been the case with US presidential candidates.