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AdminMay 13, 2021 6:15:46 AM2 min read

Under-Utilized Marketing Tactics You Need Today

As a small business owner, you are incredibly busy meeting the needs of your customers, which probably means that you don’t have much time to think about new and creative marketing tactics. However, there are some marketing tactics that you likely haven’t used in your business that could help your consumer audience grow. Make sure that you keep your options open when it comes to advertising your business, as these few tips could help it grow more than you can imagine.


Many people know that it is important to network to make personal connections that can lead to business opportunities. However, it is also important to use networking to grow your business and market your products. Social Media is a great tool that will help you to expand your network, connect with similar businesses, and draw in your target audience. You can also do collaborations with other small business owners that you meet online or through social media. Collaboration sales, videos, or giveaways are great ways to network your business as your audience is expanded through the audience of the business collaborating with you.

Direct Mail

Direct mail may not be used as often in small businesses today, but it is still a very successful way to reach potential customers. It is a form of physical correspondence, usually sent by mail, that allows you to connect with your business customers and audience. There are many ways that you can use direct mail to benefit your business, but it is important to customize your direct mail use to work perfectly for your business marketing. Direct mail has an open rate of 90 percent and is more often read than the more popular email marketing. It is also perfect for service businesses since the piece of direct mail is a physical reminder of the services that your audience could benefit from.

Customer Reviews

Incentivizing customers to leave reviews is not a priority for many small business owners. However, you need to remember that potential customers almost always consult the experiences of past customers when searching for a new business to buy from. Today, customer reviews are trusted just as much as a recommendation given in a personal conversation. If you give your customers opportunities to leave reviews about your products, you’ll practically be guaranteed a return of new customers that will learn about your business from those reviews.

So, don’t forget to be creative in marketing your small business. There are many methods that you haven’t previously used or thought of that will help your small business to boom. Make sure that you try out one of these new ideas soon and figure out which method works the best for your business.

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