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Admin Jan 1, 2022 11:25:32 AM 5 min read

SEO Strategies to Guarantee Higher Rankings in 2022

To rank on the first page of Google, SEO is crucial; however, SEO can be hard, and it gets harder when you read or listen to the same advice over and over again. While no advice is completely useless, the mere act of knowing great advice isn’t enough to have your website rank on the top of Google.

Why? Because everyone else is already following the same advice. So, to rank above them, you need to do something completely different. For instance, you might want to perform an On-Page SEO Check. And this isn’t the only thing you can do.

Here are four SEO strategies that can guarantee higher rankings in 2022 and beyond.

Read on to learn more!

Search for an Opportunity Keyword

An opportunity keyword is like a regular keyword but much better. You probably noticed that the first page of Google comprises more stuff than ever before. If you use Google to search for anything, take a look at the first page. You will find a bunch of ads above the fold, a featured snippet, a questions box, and news results. This explains a lot about why you should focus on opportunity keywords.

So, what are opportunity keywords? Simply put, opportunity keywords refer to keywords with a high organic CTR (click-through rate). In other words, some keywords don’t have a bunch of stuff on the first page that distracts people from the organic results.

Opportunity keywords indicate that people are bidding on those keywords in Google Ads. Bottom line: look at the search results before picking an opportunity keyword. If it is packed with stuff, only then consider going for the opportunity keywords, as it will get you more clicks.

Assess Content Competition

So you have found an opportunity keyword, here is what you will do next. Don’t be like most people who whip out WordPress and start writing. Doing so is a huge mistake. Before you start to write anything, you must analyze the first page of Google results and assess what is already working.

After you have figured out the type of content that Google ranks for that keyword, only then start creating content.

Create Different or Better Content

When it comes to content creation for SEO, there are two primary options: you can create something different or create something better. Most of the time, you just want to publish something that is way better than the content already out there. But, other times, it makes more sense to create something entirely different.

However, while creating different content, you must make it as informative and engaging as possible as this will help you make your content stand out from other content. By doing so, your content will get more shares on social media, backlinks, and a boost in Google rankings.

Use a Hook

As mentioned before, you can also create something better than what is already out there by adding a hook. As a rule of thumb, you already know that pages with the most backlinks rank better in Google. That said, do some research on how to get backlinks by finding out why people link to the content in your niche, which is the “hook.”

Subsequently, use that “hook” in your content! Think about it: what do blogs and news sites love to cover? The answer is new stuff! This means that when you create something new, you can use that as a hook. Here are some unique techniques that you can use as a hook.

Another technique to use a hook is to publish your content as a guide. Make the guide as informative and extensive as possible. When you publish your content as a guide, the underlying mechanism is that your guide turns into a hook.

You may also include the final results of case studies as a hook. In fact, case study results are the easiest hooks that you can use. The single hook should be solid enough to make someone want to link to you.

Final Thoughts

SEO in 2022 and the subsequent years will be much different than ever before. User engagement will become more important than ever before. That said, you need to look at your website content from the perspective of a “happy” searcher who got their goals met.