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AdminFeb 17, 2021 3:48:23 AM5 min read

How to Use AI Automation to Improve SEO and Workflow

Without a doubt, people are your most vital assets when it comes to running a business. However, with so many different departments that make up any company, from payroll, marketing, HR, all the way to digital marketing and sales, it’s impossible to manage without any help from innovation and tech. Least of all, you cannot expect your team to juggle all those tasks successfully and communicate with ease without any tech-based assistance. Fortunately for you and your staff, modern-day companies heavily rely on AI-driven solutions as well as automation.

In two particular segments of your business, digital marketing and your overall workflow, the two innovative solutions can be exceptionally helpful. By reducing your team’s workload, simplifying communication and work allocation, you can help your employees be more productive, reach your goals more quickly, and feel more satisfied with their work. Here, we’ll cover a few of the most effective AI and automation ideas you can leverage both in your SEO efforts and your workflow to keep your business presence prominent. 

Making smarter forecasts 

AI has become primarily used in the field of data collection and management, precisely because it eliminates the risk of human error and bias. As such, AI can collect and analyze vast amounts of data in a fraction of the time it would take your employees to do the same. 

Finally, the data can be categorized to specifically address your SEO needs, so that your marketers can recognize successful and less successful campaigns and work towards improving your future SEO output. 

Moreover, AI has the capacity to use the data for more than that: it can be used for predicative analysis and to help you recognize emerging trends in SEO, customer preferences, and employee productivity. 

Tracking time and attendance

First and foremost, by helping your employees work more seamlessly and collaborate with ease, you effectively boost your entire company’s workflow. Especially if you have a multi-location business or some of your employees work remotely (of not all as of the pandemic), you need the best time and attendance software to keep track of where your teams are at any given time.

This software elevates company transparency, giving access to your teams to clock in digitally, check on their daily workload, and communicate with their colleagues effectively. Automate reminders and notifications within the software to help your teams stay on track with everything they have on their plates. 

By the end of each month, or on a quarterly basis, you can get invaluable insights into your most productive employees, those who need help and additional resources, and the most successful projects in digital marketing – so that you can replicate them and achieve better results again. 

Project management simplified

Your workflow, and thus your SEO campaigns, heavily depend on your project management software. While it’s often enough to merely implement the software in your workflow to help your remote teams stay connected and collaborate in real-time, PM software should also have a multitude of automation features to simplify every department’s projects. 

For example, you can set up automated notifications and emails to help teams stay on track for specific deadlines. You can automate analytics within your projects to receive project-specific reports and then boost team performance after the completion of every project. Recognizing bottlenecks, missed milestones, common issues, or unnecessary effort output will all give you a glimpse into all that you can do to cut down on work while achieving better results. 

For example, your SEO campaigns need monitoring while you’re in the middle of their creation, but also well after you publish them. You need to make sure to remove any broken links from your site, keyword-optimize according to the latest search engine recommendations, and engage visitors in the comments section. Since each SEO campaign is a project of its own, both the overall project management process will be easier to handle, and not to mention your SEO results. 

Regular audits and reporting 

A necessary process that helps boost every aspect of your business, auditing is crucial for understanding where your business needs improvements, both in terms of your SEO campaigns and your general workflow. 

To eliminate human error and bias from any kind of evaluation, AI can be used for business audits that help you learn about potential bottlenecks in your workflow and business performance. When you have a clear overview of the risks your business faces in the short and long-term, you can begin boosting your workflow and SEO alike. 

With different software solutions integrated with your AI analytics, you can then move on to craft automated reports on a regular basis. These reports will become invaluable, department-specific strategies to help elevate your digital marketing, each SEO campaign, and your workflow. 

Customer support done right

The most vital role where fundamental human interaction is essential is with your customer support. Today, with AI-enabled chatbots, you can automate intelligent support for your teams, boost your digital marketing results with cross-selling and up-selling, and data collection. 

With AI at your disposal, you can provide immediate help on your website and social media platforms and share vital information that will simplify each visitor’s journey, and reduce customer effort in the process. When there’s a pressing matter your chatbot cannot resolve, your support teams can take over.

Through these interactions, your AI chatbots also collect customer behavioral data, construct and analyze patterns, and further fuel your SEO efforts to make sure you adapt your content so that it reflects genuine customer intent. 

Your employees will always and forever be the core of your business success. However, how you enable your employees to work more easily and be productive without burning out will also define your company’s future. With AI and automation in your infrastructure, you’ll be able to transform your operations, boost your SEO results, and simplify your overall workflow. Use these ideas to fuel your business growth and enable your employees to focus on their primary tasks.