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AdminJun 29, 2021 6:05:28 AM3 min read

How To Optimize Your GMB Page?

How to Optimize Your GMB Page?

Are you a business owner? Does your business have a Google My Business page? If not, you are missing out on potential customers. Optimizing your Google My Business page powered by Google Maps is an easy way to get more traffic and boost sales. Read this blog post to learn how to optimize your Google My Business profile for success!

Set Up Your Google My Business Account

Making your business listing visible to potential customers, it is important that you register a Google My Business profile. Click “Start Now,” in the upper left corner of the Google My Business page. Fill every relevant field that Google offers with as much information about yourself or your business — the more accurate you are, the better results!

Primary Categories and Relevant Searches

The business category you choose for your business profile will help Google Search decide where to rank it. If you aren’t able to pinpoint a primary category, you should pick one from the ones that are offered based on what fits best with your company’s offerings. The more specific and relevant information you provide, the higher up they’ll show when someone uses those words as their search query!

Load High-Quality Images

Photos could be a gateway to new experiences. Providing high-quality images of your business gives potential customers a glimpse of what to expect, and if you sell physical products, showcasing them will give people an idea about what’s in store for those who choose to visit the business’ location.


Google’s algorithm looks for consistency in how you list your business address across different websites. If the address is written differently on various platforms, it may not be verified as legitimate therefore can end up at a lower ranking than where it belongs. Make sure to keep things consistent by writing out full street names each time or shortening them only once; using one phone number consistently instead of switching between numbers when listing contact information, and ensuring that business hours match what’s listed on other sites like yours with accurate website details so there are no little inconsistencies slipping through! Consistently reviewing your Google My Business dashboard is a great way in making sure all information stays consistent. 

It’s critical you include relevant keyword phrases within your business description. Putting some time into this ensures that people will find what they’re looking for right away.

Be Aware of the Radius

When you are trying to grow your business, it’s important that you have a phone number with the correct area code. That is an easy way for Google Maps and other search engines to know what part of town or state they should give local results for any given query – leading them right back to your company!

The importance of having a consistent phone number when growing one’s business cannot be underestimated.

Avoid Offenses

Google is notorious for suspending business listings for a range of offenses. Read through Google’s guidelines to grasp a full understanding of what not to do with your listing on the platform.

Some are:

  • Using a URL that redirects to your website’s URL, rather than the actual URL itself.
  • Trying to awkwardly add keywords into your business name field.
  • Having multiple local listings for the same business location.
  • Using any address for your business that isn’t a physical storefront or office space where you meet with customers.

Failure to comply with Google My Business rules can harshly jeopardize your search ranking.

Encourage Reviews

Online reviews are the key to success in any business. Google My Business wants to provide its users with the most up-to-date information, and customers want a nearby establishment that will make them happy! Be sure to ask your satisfied clients for reviews on Google so you can continue improving your service while also satisfying their needs.

Every customer review is extremely valuable. Don’t ignore negative reviews. The more you make it right by taking swift action, the better for your business because people will want to come back and visit again!

Final Thoughts

If you’re a business owner, then Google My Business is the best investment for your business. Following these rules will help your company get more traffic and boost sales. No matter what type of business you have, Google Maps offers such an expansive platform that sets every company up for success – but it always depends on how they use it!