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Admin Mar 19, 2021 7:24:00 AM 8 min read

How Much to Charge for Local SEO

If you’re in the market for some local SEO, you should prepare to see the prices vary a great deal. It’s hard to find a one-size-fits-all catalog when it comes to local SEO pricing. Many factors will influence the costs that you get for local SEO. 

When an SEO expert gives you a quotation for their price charge, the aspects that’ll come into effect to determine the cost for local SEO include the following.

1. Your Goals for your Website

Local SEO will target different aspects of your website. For some, all they need is a little design tweaking done to ensure that they’re easy to navigate, and for some, a lot more work is put in from the ground up. Depending on the different goals for your local SEO, your quotation will be different. 

2. Size of the Website

The size of a website will come into play when determining how much to charge for local SEO. For example, if your site is an e-commerce site with different locations over a region, local SEO’s price is generally higher. This is because of the number of pages that have to be optimized as opposed to a simple, five-page site.

3. The Type of Service you Require

Business owners all have different preferences when it comes to managing their marketing campaigns or local SEO. For example, some prefer an SEO expert on-call 24/7 while some prefer to contract an expert on a need-to basis. If you need continuous management of SEO tasks and campaigns, the price is relatively higher than that of a one-off project. 

4. The Industry You Belong to

Some industries are more competitive than others and rank higher; in such scenarios, you must ensure that you use them to your advantage. Competing with direct competitors in a cut-throat industry isn’t a walk in the park. It will require the help of an expert to help you rank for keywords. 

Local SEO Pricing Models and How they Work

If you’re on the hunt for SEO services, you will notice that different vendors will issue various packages. As seen above, there isn’t a standard method that SEO companies will use to charge you for procuring services. There are, however, methods that they use when they set up an initial plan for SEO services rendered. Here are some of the most common ones. 

Project-based models

In project-based models, you are set to pay an overall fee for a particular local SEO based task as requested. For example, one local SEO task you may require for your website include content creation. In this case, your SEO Company will charge you an overall price for the amount of content delivered.

Monthly Retainer Rates

This is a package where you must have a contract with your local SEO Company based on a monthly retainer. Your SEO team is on call to cater to your needs whenever you wish rather than wait to serve you on a need-be basis. 

Hourly Charges

Sometimes, you have an SEO team on the ground already, but you need external help to accomplish a specific part of your project. If this is the case, it may make much more sense to hire an SEO expert by the hour rather than look at the other local SEO pricing models. Even if you don’t have your team and do your SEO yourself, it is much better to have an expert work for you by the hour. 

Results-based Pricing Model

Some local SEO tasks, such as SERPs, require an outcome achieved before the pricing. This essentially means that as a local SEO client, you do not pay for the work until the desired results are achieved. 

It is vital to note that in such jobs, such as keyword research, pricing isn’t set at a generic price but rather on a dynamic basis because they are easier to do much more than others. It is also vital to note that sometimes, a local SEO campaign will include various pricing models. 

Important Aspects of SEO Pricing You Should Know

As a business owner, before you engage a company to do any local SEO work for you, there are essential aspects that you should take note of. Let’s look at some of them below. 

– Your SEO package will depend on the size of your website, your goals, and the results of your SEO audit. 

– Your local SEO company should offer an SEO audit before undertaking any SEO tasks. If you have no prior experience with local SEO, it’s essential to let your SEO Company do an audit. Local SEO audits cost up to $5,000, and the reports are usually very detailed. They also include recommendations of what you should do for your website. 

The price of a local SEO audit depends on how complex your website is. Even though some companies will offer you a free audit, the feedback that they give is minimal, with recommendations that aren’t in-depth. 

– Be very wary of local SEO services provided by freelancers, especially if the prices are too reasonable to be true. They may be using black-hat tricks that would result in a lot more harm than good. Google will penalize your site for using black hat tricks on your website.

– A company that is out to look out for you will ensure that your local SEO campaign has aspects such as a review of the website, page optimization, keyword research, competitor analysis, content strategy creation, link building, and review acquisition.

Our Local SEO Prices  

As discussed earlier, there isn’t a single pricing model for getting your local SEO done. The reason for this is that there are many SEO agencies, price points, and pricing models. 

At Web Daytona, our Local SEO prices depend on your local SEO needs. Nevertheless, our charges for local SEO campaigns start at $2,000 per month. This is based on our monthly retainer pricing model. Our local SEO models ensure that you get the results you wish for and deserve. We are knowledgeable about the methods of local SEO, and we guarantee positive re