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AdminJun 16, 2020 8:13:47 AM3 min read

Connected Web Strategy: 5 Essential Tips On Email Marketing And Search Engine Optimization

Compared to social media, email almost seems like an antiquated form of communication on the web today. Despite this, email communication is still used by hundreds of thousands of people as their primary method of communication and it’s for this reason that email marketing can form one of the most direct marketing methods with a demonstrable return on investment.

Table of Content:

  1. Clarity In Keywords And Phrases
  2. Repurpose Email Marketing As Blogging
  3. Canonicalization
  4. Emails Generate Activity
  5. Social Media Spill Over

One powerful strategy is to synergize your email marketing with your search engine optimization, for a fully streamlined marketing strategy that turns heads and generates clicks. SEO can seem like a daunting task with technical optimization, on-page optimization, user experience evaluation and link outreach all featuring as key components, but a professional SEO service can demystify SEO as a strategy and bump your site up the rankings. Once SEO is combined with the vast scope for reach possessed by email marketing, your online business will have the recipe for success.

Clarity In Keywords And Phrases

Your keywords play a crucial role in your search engine optimization – these need to be targeted as the words and phrases people are plugging into search engines. Getting these right will lead them to your business early on in their conversion journey. Aligning your onsite content with your email marketing campaigns serves to ensure a coherent message is presented to your customer base, but more importantly it means that you’re feeding back into this loop of search engine keywords. Your email marketing can contribute to the search engine terms employed by potential customers, and your onsite content can ensure that your site appears at the top of those Google rankings. 

Repurpose Email Marketing As Blogging

Creating stimulating email content can take time and energy and at its best should contain insightful and informative content as well as offers or discounts for the intended reader. A really efficient strategy is to recycle email marketing into your business’s blog. If your marketing strategy is being done right the valuable information in these emails should not be disappearing into private inboxes! Once blogged, search engines will index this information for it to become searchable. Long newsletters full of content provide almost ready-made blogs, and shorter email campaigns can be grouped together to form periodic blog posts.


Canonical tags can take some getting used to (or you could let the professionals take over) but their power to simplify search engine results can make a big difference to your Google rankings. If you’re archiving your emails and blogging them as previously mentioned, this duplicate information can confuse search results. Canonicalization tags in the html let a search engine know which URL to index and will prevent archive pages from pushing key blogs out of top rankings.

Emails Generate Activity

Naturally, the first goal of any email marketing campaign is to bring visitors – customers – to your site, but in the game of search engine optimization email marketing campaigns can encourage engagement in a number of valuable ways. Often, subscribers will have their own blogs and by offering content in email marketing which stands out and generates discussion your own content can appear in these spaces. This has the power to create inbound links from other parts of the web that lead back to your own site, a crucial element to boosting your profile in search engine rankings. 

Social Media Spill Over

Another valuable way that email marketing can boost your site’s search engine ranking is by encouraging your email marketing content to spill over onto social media, thereby creating organic traffic flowing to your website. Sharing buttons linked to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram are crucial to facilitate this flow. Filling your marketing emails with engaging content and offers will encourage subscribers to post on their own social media and the search engines will take notice.

The return on investment offered by email marketing is almost unparalleled in the world of the web, but in today’s interconnected environment no marketing strategy can exist in a vacuum. Synchronizing your SEO strategy with your email marketing campaign is straightforward once the fundamentals have been grasped and having these marketing tools working together is essential. By using email marketing as a tool for search engine optimization you’re effectively encouraging your current client base to recruit across the web. It’s a no-brainer.